Should I Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer Before Filing Myself?

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy this is one of the first questions that will come up.

There are countless websites online and plenty of books that will tell you exactly what you need to do to file for bankruptcy on your own. Most lawyers, however, will rarely advise that people attempt to do this on their own. While it can certainly be done for less, this is only true if you do it right. And therein lies the challenge. Few are knowledgeable, qualified, or experienced enough to do the paperwork right the first time and get their filing approved without some legal assistance.

You should not only hire a bankruptcy lawyer before you proceed, you should make sure you hire an attorney who is experienced in bankruptcy cases. There are many attorneys out there who will take just about any case that comes across their desk. But the old saying about a “jack of all trades, master of none” holds true in legal circles as well as it does anywhere else. Find someone who has steeped their practice in the waters of the bankruptcy court and accept no less than a professional craftsman in this field of the law.

Nevertheless, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer should be your first course of action when it comes to filing. They can not only prepare your documents, they can advise you on which Chapter of the code you would likely be eligible for, give you some priceless advise on how to deal with your creditors, and may even be able to help you get back on solid financial ground. The latter bit will be especially important as you move on from your debt and find a way to rebuild your credit and your financial worth.